Teh Meghz (derangedllama) wrote,
Teh Meghz

I'm considering moving closer to the Reading area. The closest person I have to me is my ex boyfriend. And we're barely talking so it's not like I spend a lot of time with him. It's not like I'm avoiding him. I just don't have anything to say to him.

If I move closer to Reading I won't have to drive an hour to see the WoW people. Or Hannah. This wouldn't happen for awhile though. I'd need to save up money for moving expenses, first month's rent, and security deposit. I'm eyeballing Wyomissing. Every time I'm in Wyomissing, I like it. It's a nice area. It will extend my commute but I don't mind driving. I can deal with that. I miss being in the middle of everything. In Jersey I was like under 40 minutes away from any where I could possibly want to go that wasn't Philly or NYC. In Pennsburg I have to drive 20 minutes to just find like a TGI Friday. Forget even being near a mall.

My area served me well when I needed to get out last year. When I needed a new place like 15 minutes ago. But now I think I wanna be closer to goings on. And friends. I told Hannah we should be roommates.

Like I said, it wouldn't happen for awhile because I'd have to save up like atleast $1000. But with my raise, I'm making an extra almost $90 a month after taxes. And I'm looking at my expenses and will be cutting shit out. Like I'm only gunna buy ONE pack of cigarettes on Saturdays only. Instead of buying two whenever the hell I want, which is frequently as of late. And I'll cancel my gym membership. I have no idea how much I'd be able to save each month. I'm expecting it to be extremely slow going.

But I've pretty much decided that this is what I want to do. Nothing is keeping me where I am except for a lease that goes month to month in like 2 weeks. I'd like to be in a new place in roughly a year. But like I said that depends on how much I've managed to save.
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Make a pretty resume, and apply all over the country.

If you can find something decent you might be able to turn that $90 a month raise into a $300-400+

I need to do this too..

($$ # estimates are based on assumptions that you're still not employed doing anything you went to school for =P)

Cigs -

I went the pack a month route, and just got the most expensive ones I could find. Works out to be cheaper then multiple packs of the cheapies.
Bensen and Hedges and the Djarrium blacks were always tasty.
Unfortunately I don't want to be any where else. I like PA, I wanna stick around. And the Djarum Blacks are my favorite but that whole flavored cigarette ban put a stop to that. They are still available with cigar tobacco and unflavored paper but I don't like them nearly as much. So my one pack whenever I go to Dewerni's parties thing is about as much as I'm willing to cut back haha.

And no I'm not employed doing what I went to school for haha. I'm looking to go back to college for an Associate degree to ammend my entertainment industry knowledge into something more practical since I don't want to move to CA. I'm looking at doing computer drafting shit. Should be cool.

What the hell have you been up to? I haven't talked to you in.. uh.. probably years at this point.
We can't always get what we waaaaant.
I'd at least look/apply, who knows what you could find.

Yeah, fucking obama. What the fuck happened to ending drug wars, I bet in 5 years with the underground flavored cigarette movement, more and more kids will start smoking solely due to the illegality of it all.
Could always just get some tobacco, a fancy pipe and some clove oil.

Not too much, about to be playing excessive amounts of starcraft 2 whenever blizzard/amazon ships.

I think this is a great idea. all the cool kids live out this way.
Haha yeah. I don't see anything that would stop me from doing it. I've got nothing keeping me here. Though the girls will be thoroughly confused when presented with windowsills that aren't like 2 feet deep but they'll get over it.

I'm hoping by this time next year I'll be in a new place.
I concur that this is a great idea and think we will have an awesome time being roommates. Woo!