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Angels in the hearts of men

Safe from pain, and truth, and choice

Teh Meghz
16 December 1984
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This is me in September 2010 bein' all neo Victorian at Dorian's Parlor in Philly.

My boyfriend and I on a hay ride October 2010 =)

I'm Meghan. I'm 25. I moved to Florida in October 2004 from New Jersey. In September 2007 I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. I have 3 pets. A corn snake named Sage. A white and black kitten named Misha. And a 3-4 year old Snowshoe Siamese mix named Ellie. I graduated from Full Sail's Computer Animation course twice. Once with an Associate of Science and the second with a Bachelor of Science. And I work as an office monkey for an anesthesiologist group in Allentown. I'm awesome at using my degree.

My Pets:

Sage: 6 and a half year old sweetheart of an amelanistic corn snake
Birth date: 10-15-03

Misha: 1 year old fetch playing adorable, slightly cross eyed kitty.
Birth date: 04-03-09

Ellie: 3? year Ragdoll (Snowshoe Siamese?) mix who never shuts up.
Adoption date: 12-02-09


Bye, my little googly eyed Badger.

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