Teh Meghz (derangedllama) wrote,
Teh Meghz

Meghan: I want to put you two in my pocket and carry you guys around all day.
Diana: ‎:) yay!!! hear that? we have a place to live babe!
George: Back pocket? Or front pocket? :)
Meghan: I'll let you guys pick, I'm nice like that :D
Diana: yay!!! hear that? we can pick! :D
George: Well Lady Arielle showed us what the back pocket has to offer, nice, very nice, but me? I like the scintillating mystery of the Front Pocket ;)

LOLOLOLOL. I love them so much. I really do want them to live in my pocket. I'm such a creeper.
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We're both total creepers. Creepy, creepy creepers.