Teh Meghz (derangedllama) wrote,
Teh Meghz

I just ordered this. I had been eyeballing it in red with white polka dots but then I looked at the company's facebook page and saw the cherry suit on a bunch of customers. It was a lot more flattering on all of them than the polka dot pattern. Oh man, I'm so excited. I haven't bought a new suit in about 4 or 5 years. And this should look totally awesome on me. Yes, I'm ever so modest. Actually, it's just that I have a general idea of what looks good on me and what doesn't. Halters, look good on me. Boy short shaped butt area? Also looks good. Cuz I have broad shoulders and an ass.

And as long as I try it on with underwear on the return policy is great.

I love googling "store name coupon code." By doing that I saved $7.80 because of a "Save 10% on your first order" code. Meaning I almost saved all of my shipping costs.

Soooo excited. I bought it for the pool in Baltimore.

Excited for that as well. I needs to pay people for stuff in regards to that trip.

Called out of work today due to a migraine. It has died down but still hurts. Booo.
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