Teh Meghz (derangedllama) wrote,
Teh Meghz

I'm going to girl/geek out over my new phone.

IT'S SO AWESOME. First phone I've ever bought that I was SUPER excited to have and it hasn't let me down. It's got edge on it so rather than incur any data charges I didn't mean to incur I called ATT and had them shut off my internet access. Which means I can't get or send picture texts anymore. Which is fine because from the reviews I've read the picture texting doesn't work on this phone in the US anyway.

GAH. It's pretty. And colorful. And it's got a neat font. And I LOVE that the numbers align on the left and that the keyboard opens to the left. GO LEFTIES. And I called my grandma and she didn't say "What?" to me once! She said I sounded crystal clear. And she sounded perfect too. Oh man, I'm so fuckin giddy about this. I'm making excuses to text people. CUZ I DON'T HAVE TO PUSH A BUTTON 5 TIMES ANYMORE JUST TO TYPE OUT HI. This keyboard is going to be easily one of the best things that's happened to me.

Uggggh I'm so damn pleased with it I can hardly contain myself. AND Samsung was nice enough to include a US outlet adapter. Thank you Samsung! <3
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