Teh Meghz (derangedllama) wrote,
Teh Meghz

I..... have wanted to kill my coworkers numerous times this week. Today it was because the woman who sits next to me and a woman I severely dislike had a 20 minute conversation on the theeeemes and colors in their houses.

"Oh! I painted that room Wildflower. I thought it was a very pretty color."
"Wildflower? What color is that like?"
"It's kind of like a terra cotta."
"That sounds beautiful."
"Yeah, I thought it was."


And they went along those lines for TWENTY MINUTES. THE ONLY OTHER THING MORE BORING THAN THAT IS THE TIME THE WOMAN WHO SITS NEXT ME TO HAD A 10 MINUTE CONVERSATION ABOUT THE NEW VALANCE SHE BOUGHT. Maybe it has something to do with their old lady tastes. You know how you can walk into a house and know an old lady lives there? Cat pillows and cow stuff in the kitchen and Boyds bears and floral furniture? That's exactly what I'm picturing their houses look like.

Everyone at my work is so anal about the themes in their houses. One woman gave away a new rug she had bought because she didn't realize it was more French country than contemporary country. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. WTF is the difference?! I'm sure some people really, really care. But I really, really don't. You know what my themes are? Color schemes. My room is reds, gold-ish yellows, and black. My living room/kitchen is like a sage green. And my bathroom is brown and teal. And nothing has to match 100%

Another rage inducing moment was yesterday when the business administrator's daughter-in-law was there with her 14 month old baby and I had to listen to fucking 20 women cooing over a baby for an hour. Then one of them picked up the baby, sat 7 feet behind me, and started saying "Wind the baby, wind the baby... pull, pull... a-tap, tap, tap." FOR TEN MINUTES. I understand that the baby was loving the shit out of it. But dear god, woman. I only care about babies I know. I don't know that baby. Therefore you are presently annoying me so bad I want to shove my work blanket down your mouth until you choke.

Work will go a long time without offending me. Then in like a two week period I'll have wanted to kill everyone at least 5 times.

Granted I'm just angry in general today. I want to punch things.
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